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Relevant Connections helps nonprofits increase impact through grant writing and fundraising strategies. Our team is skilled in supporting organizations throughout the entire grant-cycle, including  post-award management and reporting.


Have an initiative or project that you’ve been wanting to implement? We can help!

  • Equitable RFP & Contract Development

  • Diverse Board Development, Workforce, & Recruitment

  • Staff Mental Health Programs & Resources

  • Evidenced-based Practices & Procedures for DEI and Mental Health

  • Community Engagement & Program Planning

Why Choose Us?

With experience as a community worker and grants manager, Charde' leads her team in crafting proposals that adequately address the need, deliverables, and outcome-driven metrics. We also provide project-based support to ensure trainings and strategic plans are not just short-lived experiences but implemented and effective. Relevant Connections takes pride in offering this support by equipping organizations with resources to educate, connect, and empower their communities towards success. 

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Social Impact

Social Impact & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Investing in community-based projects and initiatives is something every organization should prioritize. Giving back comes in many forms of currency: time, talents, and treasures. Aligning your giving with the company’s mission, values, and culture is just as important as the amount of currency you choose to invest.


Relevant Connections supports businesses in identifying and managing relationships for local and/or national non-profits that closely reflect the passions and experiences of the company. Gone are the days when dollars are given to largely funded non-profits simply because of popularity and notoriety. Recognizing the work of grass-roots non-profits and supporting them will allow businesses to increase direct services provided to community members and families more effectively

4 Reasons to Fund at the Grassroots Level:

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