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Young Volunteers

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Panel Discussion

Relevant Connections specializes in moving organizations beyond a "checklist" and into a deeper level of implementation for "Making Connections that Deliver Results." We are great storytellers and incorporate this skill in everything we do; grant writing, professional development, and community impact.

We specialize in creating safe spaces for courageous conversations. Through a strategic approach, our team supports a variety of agencies in evaluating DEI practices, increasing cultural competence, expanding partnerships, and enhancing community presence.


Organizational Consulting

We believe the key to championing impactful change is having access to support and guidance. Relevant Connections takes pride in offering this support by equipping organizations with resources to educate, connect, and empower their communities towards success.


Implementing the strategies learned in a workshop can be difficult. Regardless of good intentions, many organizations cannot focus on the follow-up items needed to make the plan happen. Relevant Connections provides project-based support to ensure trainings and strategic plans are not just short-lived experiences but are indeed implemented and effective. Our consultants are skilled, passionate, and personable, making interactions meaningful and worthwhile.

Support Group Circle

Have an initiative or project that you’ve been wanting to implement? We can help!


  • Equitable RFP & Contract Development

  • Diverse Board Development, Workforce, & Recruitment

  • Increasing Community Engagement

  • Organizational Structure and Program Planning

  • Evaluating or Identifying Community-based Partnerships

  • Evidenced-based Practices for DEI and Mental Health

  • Curriculum Cultural Adaptation

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